The Water Talks Back, Sometimes Loudly

"Figure Sitting at RiverWalk Park"/© Janie Rosman 2013

“Figure Sitting at RiverWalk Park”/© Janie Rosman 2013

There’s something calming and magical about the water. Years ago – so many years it’s not even funny, however I’ll guess 35 – friends and I would get up at the crack of dawn (whatever that means) and drive to Jones Beach. It was free to park, and we’d stay until the sun was directly overhead. Then we’d shower in our suits and drive home, happily burning as our tans settled into our skin.

We discovered Sherwood Island, and until Connecticut told us not to, we’d drive north and get our rays there. I love the water and the ocean, yet I’ve not been indulging because I’m not supposed to sit in the sun. When I did face the sky, I wore a large tee shirt over my suit and used the highest SPF lotion I could find to avoid a burn. Nothing like a tan line mid-arm to ruin a nice tee shirt-and-jeans outfit.

I remember many Fourths of July watching firecracker shows on the riverfront, and picnicking with an aquatic backdrop. Today the river was choppy and talked back noisily after the wind both instigated the waves, and then blew a strong accompaniment. I took this picture at RiverWalk Park in Tarrytown and love the contrast of a solitary figure with the vast river and immense span, which appears to be enclosed by the tree (had it been three-dimensional).

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2013

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