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Road markers credit Steve Alpert

Above are road markers approaching the divergence of I-87/I-287 (Cross Westchester Expressway) heading east from the Tappan Zee Bridge. Photo credit below.

Soil samples — required of any project that includes excavation work, in order to verify the soil content for proper disposal or reuse — began nearly two weeks ago within the Thruway’s right-of-ways, per a New York State Thruway Authority April 26 press release. A more recent press release said that work will begin on the Westchester trestle, the first of the project’s temporary work trestles to be constructed, on May 6.

Now comes good news — construction monitoring devices that let residents know when vibration, noise, and air quality go awry were installed and will be in place until 2018 or thereabouts.  If the sound is too high, the contractor will have one hour to correct the cause if the sound is over the top, er, limit.

What sounds over the top, to me, is that faint rumbling (no pun intended) about the discarded tunnel idea, and the louder to-do about why there’s no mass transit planned for the new bridge.

Last year, New York State Thruway executive director Thomas Madison dispelled a misconception during a community outreach meeting at the Tarrytown Senior Center.

“It’s important to point out here the thought that no thought was given to mass transit is not exactly accurate,” Madison said. “We had to deal with the economic resources available today and are doing the best we can at this time without precluding it.”

And why won’t a tunnel work? ARUP engineering principal Mark Roche explained it very clearly.

“(It) needs to go from Interchange (Exit) 12 to (Interchange) Exit 8 and needs to be seven miles long,” Roche said, “and misses 9, 10, 11.” This would affect businesses and residents in between the two farthest points, and “does not work on this topography. It (tunnel) doesn’t make sense here.”

Exit 8 credit Steve Alpert

Signs indicating that same divergence, and of the road markers, are credited to Steve Alpert at

Tell me again, please, where would this tunnel be built?

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2013

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