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Rockland County will have monitors beginning next week, too, similar to the ones telling Westchester County residents near the bridge about vibration, noise, and air quality.  Pile driving continues; and maybe it can be included in the local news reports (hint, hint).  Check out the data here.

This morning’s Mass Transit Task Force meeting for the public (that’s us) was maybe 40 minutes, and revealing. We learned it’s time for a wedding — transit ideas and funding options will finally merge so leisurely motorists, truckers and commuters can drive happily ever after.

There’s a catch.  New York State has to raise money against the actual cost, and still a funding plan remains invisible to the public.  A percent will come from the TIFIA loan and tolls — do I hear precedent? 

♫ ♪ Open a new window, open a new door, travel a new highway that’s never been tried before . . . ♫ ♪

It has been a trying time for some municipalities struggling to pass budgets within the 2% tax cap limit.  More tax?  I feel it’s time for the committee to decide what it wants to do, see what money is available right now, and calculate how much more is needed — before it talks about ways to raise that money (funding options).

It’s also been frustrating for Clarkstown, which still has no representation at this table; Town Planner Joe Simoes was there to say why the town deserves a seat. To quote my friend Danny, “And why not?”

I’d like to know what you think.

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