No New Toll Booth in South Nyack

Fisheye Thruway and TZB/Courtesy of Spence Rosman

Fisheye Thruway and TZB/Courtesy of Spence Rosman

Rockland County residents will be happy to learn the Tappan Zee Bridge toll plaza will remain in Tarrytown and will not be relocated to South Nyack.

Days earlier, News 12 Westchester reported, “During construction, the toll plaza will be moved from its current spot in Tarrytown to South Nyack.”

The words “toll plaza” are misleading.

“We have heard South Nyack’s concerns about the future of Interchange 10, and after working with them and considering all options, we have agreed a temporary All-Electronic Toll Gantry will be placed there during construction,” special project advisor Brian Conybeare said in April.

This overhead archway, much like a highway sign structure that holds E-ZPass® tag readers, will be installed at Exit 10. Motorists who do not have E-ZPass® tags need not feel left out; cameras will take pictures of license plates and mail each driver a bill for the toll fee.

In a letter to Village of South Nyack Mayor Bonnie Christian, dated June 13, 2013, Project Director Peter Sanderson wrote, “The design-build contract with Tappan Zee Constructors LLC includes the erection of a temporary overhead gantry to support electronic toll collection at Interchange 10.”

There will be no toll booths or stopping/starting vehicles, Sanderson wrote, and the Thruway will neither be widened, nor will additional lanes be added.

“Upon completion of the new bridge with its permanent toll facilities in Tarrytown, the temporary gantry with toll equipment will be removed from Interchange 10,” he wrote.

Conybeare and Sanderson said the work is consistent with the public environmental review process and the design-build contract documents.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2013

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