Views from the EarthCam®, Navigational Lighting to be Installed

Now that one of several EarthCam® construction cameras is installed, I keep checking it to see the sunrises and sunsets. Here’s the view at about 7:25 p.m.:

more after 7 at night

Activity in the river means BE EXTRA CAREFUL.  Per the U.S. Coast Guard’s Local Notice to Mariners, dated October 17, and posted under Boater Safety Information on the New NY Bridge website:

The new, temporary navigational lighting plan — to be installed on or about mid-October 2013, and expected to be in place through mid-2015 — includes marking the 600 foot-wide main channel by affixing four-180° steady, red navigation lights to the underside of the main span — two each on the upstream and downstream sides of the structure — 300 feet either side of the centerline of the bridge.


Each green center of channel light will have three white lights stacked vertically above it. The center 600 feet of the Main Navigation Channel — extending 300 yards north, and 200 yards south, of the Tappan Zee Bridge — will be free for the passage of marine traffic, and clear of all obstructions at all times.

More detailed information about channel restrictions and closures during installation of parts of the main span will be forthcoming in mid-2015.

And here’s the view at sunrise this morning:


Work on the Rockland access trestle and cofferdams north of the bridge, extending 1,040 feet west from the Westchester shoreline, continues through November 2013; dredging continues through the end of this month.

The Regulated Navigation Area (RNA) — established September 15 by the U.S. Coast Guard for the navigable Hudson River waters surrounding the Tappan Zee Bridge — will be enforced until December 31, 2018. Comments and related material pertaining to the RNA will be accepted and reviewed by the Coast Guard through December 31, 2018.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2013

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  1. […] Details are in the NNYB press release, and the weekly Local Notice to Mariners. Since October, temporary navigational lights marked the 600 foot-wide main channel, and while temporary and permanent piles are illuminated at […]


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