Guest Blog: Connecting through Art and Symbols

As three Sleepy Hollow Middle School eighth grade students, we are proud to be able to work on an art project that bridges the generation gap. Senior citizens from Sleepy Hollow and Tarrytown have been coming into our art classes to help us brainstorm ideas. Together, students and adults are coming up with ways to make images that suggest metaphors; we want to make pictures that symbolize what bridges can be.

art and bridges

Bridges can be many things. For example, love can be a bridge between two people or between groups that do not get along. An artist can show this by sketching a hand that reaches out to hold another hand. A bridge can also suggest a structure connecting people who come from different places or cultures. We can show this by making visual stories that move people from one place to another across a sheet of paper or canvas. Our classroom is becoming a bridge as well. It is now a place where we are being connected to other members of our community.

Student painting a watercolor picture of the historic Tarrytown Lighthouse/Courtesy of Andrea Harrison

Student painting a watercolor picture of the historic Tarrytown Lighthouse/Courtesy of Andrea Harrison

Thelma (Borenstein), Nancy (Errico), Diane (Walpuck), and Arlene (Lustyik) have become our new friends. They have brought a new level of enjoyment to our class. They have also brought great ideas that will help us with our project. When we first met the ladies, it was a little awkward for us. Then, we got to know them better and now we can work with them as if they were peers our own age.

We are going to work with a digital muralist to combine all our ideas and creations. We hope that our pictures can be seen by our neighbors and other citizens in our community. We know that making professional art is hard work. We are ready for the task. We know that our new friends will help us do a great job!

Marbelin Diaz
Ruby Moronta
Mark Scaglione

Thank you to Tarrytown UFSD Superintendent Dr. Christopher Clouet, Sleepy Hollow Middle School Principal Elizabeth Lopez, and middle school art teacher Andrea Harrison for encouraging students to guest blog, and to Marbelin, Ruby, and Mark for sharing their thoughts here.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2013

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