Condensed Year in Review

Signatures, congratulations, and a loan from the government — the Thruway Authority began 2013 on an equally-high note after its 7-to-0 vote last December (2012) turned a three-mile-span that should be into the new bridge that will be.

The winning design had to pass muster environmentally; those performance commitments would be posted in real time on the New NY Bridge website.

Most equipment and supplies would be delivered by barges, not trucks, and there’d be state-of-the-art controls to limit dust and emissions.

Night view/Courtesy of the New NY Bridge

Night view/Courtesy of the New NY Bridge

Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC (TZC) — a consortium of Fluor Enterprises, Inc., American Bridge Company (prime subcontractor for the current bridge), Granite Construction Northeast, Inc., and Traylor Bros., Inc. — had its hands full, er, would build the three-mile span.

The clock began ticking on January 18. Bring on the job fairs.

In March, two additional pieces snapped into the puzzle —New York State moved a bit closer to securing its hoped-for funding, and a Visual Quality Panel (VQP) joined the growing list of committees.

Money, and TIFIA, and tolls, oh my! We learned the toll booths would be temporarily moved, and we picked the towers, choosing Option B over Option A: chamfered (angled) for a more slender appearance, instead of flat and rectangular towers.

Governor Cuomo told us the state reached an agreement with Riverkeeper, Inc. and Scenic Hudson on permits — extensive environmental protective measures and mitigation funding to protect the Hudson River, and minimize other impacts; Riverkeeper president Paul Gallay promised to keep project officials on their toes.

One of the barges near the Tappan Zee Bridge/Courtesy of Alexa Brandenberg (

One of the barges near the Tappan Zee Bridge/Courtesy of Alexa Brandenberg (

Boater safety. Rowing club safety. U.S. Coast Guard advisories. Project officials met with owners of boat clubs, rowing clubs, and membership organizations, and heard their concerns about sharing the water (I’ll post an update after the New Year).

A tragic boating accident in July prompted quick action — dozens of extra LED solar/battery-powered lights were added to all barges, moorings and other vessels in the Hudson River, above and beyond U.S. Coast Guard requirements, and additional safety measures were taken. Come May, a new law takes effect for recreational boaters.

By Halloween, transit issues for the new bridge, and the region, were unresolved (update is here), and despite deterrents like a government shutdown, the project moved forward. The first permanent piles were installed, Cuomo told us about new jobs created (it’s a start), and Thruway Authority Executive Director Thomas J. Madison closed the deal on that generous TIFIA loan approved in October.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2013

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