Another Safety Warning? Yes!

Once upon a time there were four moorings on the west side of the navigation channel. For non-nautical folks like me, this means “towards the Rockland side.”

earlier map of mooring locations

Now look!

map of mooring locations

The above map was developed from the January 14, 2014, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers permit for the bridge replacement project. Lots more barges, right? Read about them, boater safety, and project updates in the January 2014 New NY Bridge newsletter, found under PUBLICATIONS on the home page.

Since October, temporary navigational lights marked the 600 foot-wide main channel. The U.S. Coast Guard’s revised Local Notice to Mariners details the Regulated Navigation Area (RNA) — 300 yards north and 200 yards south of the existing Tappan Zee Bridge — established in September. Both temporary and permanent piles are illuminated at night.

Activity in the river means BE EXTRA CAREFUL.

The following was highlighted:

Mariners are advised that the side channels to the east and west of the main channel are closed to vessel traffic and are advised to use only the center 600’ of the main channel to navigate in a north-south direction through the area. Additionally, mariners are strongly advised to stay clear of all construction equipment and support vessels by 1000 feet or more when transiting the area.

The Coast Guard boating safety information — excerpted and in its entirety — is listed under Boater Safety Information on the New NY Bridge website. A LNM primer is here.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2014

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