Ramp E No More

Everyone ready? Beginning Monday, March 10, the South Broadway (Route 9) entrance ramp to the bridge will be closed to traffic through the duration of the bridge replacement project. Again.

It’s a done deal: No more Ramp E. Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC (TZC) is using the surrounding area for storage and staging, so less construction traffic in the area. And new retaining walls are on tap. While the ramp isn’t visible from Upper Grandview, spectacular skies are.

Sunrise peeks from behind and is reflected in the river this morning/EarthCam® construction camera

Sunrise peeks from behind and is reflected in the river this morning/EarthCam® construction camera

Before the project began, a press release said, “the Thruway conducted a comprehensive traffic study to determine the potential impact of closing Ramp E.” Another study done by TZC earlier this year verified the initial results. “Findings from both studies indicate that the closure will not have a significant impact on traffic,” it said.

Local munis, the Thruway Authority, the state Department of Transportation and Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC (TZC) are informing folks and will do their best to prevent another parking lot on South Broadway. Here’s how:

• Signs, upgrading traffic signal timing, restriping the pavement
• Offering alternate routes and directing vehicles/cars/trucks/motorcycles from congested areas
• Monitoring and adjusting traffic as needed via the Hudson Valley Transportation Management Center (HVTMC), the Thruway Statewide Operations Center (TSOC) and the Transportation Operations Coordinating Committee (TRANSCOM)
• Updates and information via 511ny.org and direct camera feeds

Courtesy New York State Department of Transportation

Courtesy New York State Department of Transportation

You can pick up the Thruway from White Plains Road (Route 119) — it may take an extra few minutes — by taking the jug-handle turn on South Broadway.

Commotion ensued when this happened months earlier — holidays, the weather, and accidents compounding side-street congestion — so the ramp was temporarily reopened at least into the New Year. A good chunk of time; we’re into the first week of March.

“TZC and the Thruway Authority wanted to give motorists a break during the busy holiday travel season, but now that spring is approaching and construction work is rapidly increasing we have to close this entrance ramp to keep drivers and workers safe, and keep the project on schedule,” said TZC spokesperson Carla Julian.

In other news, potholes be gone!

Starting March 4 (today), I-87/I-287 between mileposts 18 and 24 will be repaired between Nyack and Spring Valley. It happens from 7 p.m. and 6 a.m., through the next two weeks, starting with the southbound lanes. Check for info on electronic signboards and the Highway Advisory Radio (530 AM).

I’d like to know what you think.

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