New Safety Zone is Amid Preventive Measures

Six themed belvederes/viewing areas were unveiled last night during a review of the past year in bridge — extensive safety measures, pile driving, dredging, and environmental monitoring —  and the U.S. Coast Guard’s expanded Regulated Navigation Area (RNA), now 500 yards north and south of the span.

new chart of requested safety zone

The channel, marked by temporary navigational lights since October, was initially 300 yards north and 200 yards south of the existing bridge; the new RNA yardage wasn’t detailed in the most recent  Local Notice to Mariners, unless I missed it.

If I did, please tell me in the Comments.

UPDATE: I called the USCG this morning, and was told it expects the RNA 500-yard area north and south of the TZB will be approved.

Check out river activities via the EarthCam® construction cameras posted in several locations that refresh every 15 minutes, like today at 6:15 a.m.:

sky on fire

Safety measures include a specific zone to keep boaters away from the barges and construction equipment, and an online electronic map for boaters. And no more runaways — equipment will have GPS tracking to tell if it’s moving or stationary.

The Coast Guard boating safety information — excerpted and in its entirety — is listed under Boater Safety Information on the New NY Bridge website. A LNM primer is here.

belvedere designs

Curious to see up-close what’s going on in the river? Public viewing areas are planned at Nyack Memorial Park and Pierson Park. . . . and the Community Outreach Center in Tarrytown is moving to a new location, 2 N. Broadway at the corner of Main Street.

Next steps for the transit task force final recommendations are approval from the governor, the Thruway Authority and the state Department of Transportation.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2014

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