Barge on the Run

Four days after Westchester and Rockland residents learned GPS tracking will be affixed to construction equipment, another barge broke loose.

One of the barges near the Tappan Zee Bridge/Courtesy of Alexa Brandenberg (

One of the barges near the Tappan Zee Bridge/Courtesy of Alexa Brandenberg (

Sunday afternoon, reported the Journal News, Piermont resident Dean Taucher noticed a runaway.

“Safety is the Thruway Authority’s number one priority on this project,” special project advisor Brian Conybeare said in a statement Sunday. “It is unacceptable for construction barges to come loose on the Hudson River.”

Conybeare said the Thruway Authority is currently reviewing Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC (TZC)’s safety protocols and barge mooring methods.

TZC Community Outreach/Diversity Manager Carla Julian reiterated, “Safety is our top priority and a full investigation is underway to determine how the barge was separated from it’s mooring. TZC’s daily operations include at least four checks of mooring tie offs each shift and was last checked at approximately 3 p.m. today before the barge was separated at approximately 3:45 p.m.”

Last September, a 50-foot barge drifted one mile to the Piermont shore before it was tracked by police. Project officials talked about putting GPS devices on equipment four months later, when two barges broke loose during a January storm, one drifting 15 miles to near the George Washington Bridge, the other to Ardsley.

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  1. Susan on

    Will the GPS prevent boats from slamming into the runaway barges which are not in the mandated safety lanes? I wonder because I thought I saw a report on limiting recreational boating in certain areas.. That was when they expected the barges to be pretty much stationary…. Oh and BTW I counted a lot less visable lighted barges at night than I counted during the day… I am thinkng that the Hudson River might have to be closed off to
    boating traffic for a couple years


    • nykeypad on

      Last week, the U.S. Coast Guard expanded the Regulated Navigation Area (RNA) to 500 yards north and south of the span. Comments and questions can be sent to Brian Conybeare, the governor’s special project advisor, at 1-855-TZBRIDGE (1-855-892-7434) or


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