Expanded Vessel Boundaries Pending Approval

Driving back from Rockland County yesterday, the view was familiar in a different way. I’ve become used to seeing construction equipment rising from the Hudson River beyond the westbound lanes, like giant sea monsters.

And on the ride back, too. Crew and tugboats, barge-mounted cranes, barges, and temporary fixed platforms. More than double the amount by summer.

Sunday: Upper Grandview/EarthCam® construction camera

Sunday: Upper Grandview/EarthCam® construction camera

An expanded Regulated Navigation Area (RNA) of 500 yards north and south of the bridge is pending approval, Charles Rowe, Sector New York Public Affairs Office, said via email today. After hearing about the newly-defined zone two weeks ago, and noticing its absence in subsequent Local Notice to Mariners, I contacted him yesterday.

“We anticipate having it in an upcoming Notice to Mariners,” Rowe wrote. “The process is on track, going through the normal channels.”

proposed RNA

Currently, the no-wake (5-knot maximum speed) channel, marked by temporary navigational lights since October, is 300 yards north and 200 yards south of the span.


After the third barge incident, Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC (TZC)’s safety protocols and barge mooring methods came under intense scrutiny. Long-overdue GPS tracking devices now being installed and tested on all TZC barges, crew boats and other vessels are expected to be working by the end of the month.

The Coast Guard boating safety information — excerpted and in its entirety — is listed under Boater Safety Information on the New NY Bridge website. A LNM primer is here.

Maybe this week. I’d like to know what you think.

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