Hats, Driving and Bridges


When the lure became too much, I couldn’t resist. Several times I walked up and back, and finally gave in. Taking the brimmed hat off the stand, I placed it on my head and looked in the mirror.

“Are you going some place special?” one lady asked from behind a counter. It’s sunny by the river, I said, and told her I’m a reporter, and I write about the bridge replacement project. I said bridge replacement project. The other lady smiled. I was in Connecticut. Lots of bridges and rivers in Connecticut.

They knew exactly which bridge and river; I told them about the website. “I can go to the library and look it up,” one lady said. I gave her my card and wrote the New NY Bridge website address on the back.

Courtesy of New NY Bridge

Courtesy of New NY Bridge

“It’s good they’re building a new one. The bridge is falling apart,” she said, adding she’d rather drive through the Holland Tunnel than across a bridge. Because once she was behind the wheel and stuck in traffic on a bridge (didn’t say which one). “And it was swaying,” she said.

Suspension bridges sway in the wind, George Schoepfer, Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority deputy chief engineer, explained. This, after motorists felt the Bronx Whitestone Bridge sway during a November 1968 Nor’easter.

There’s a phone number and email address on the website, and she can ask questions, including how the bridge is made, I said. It will be built differently, and maybe she’ll want to drive across when it opens. She smiled. “I’ll let my husband drive across it first.”

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2014

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