What’s Your Creative Perception of the Bridge?

Encaustic painting: "Rainy Afternoon on the Tappan Zee Bridge"/© Heather Leigh Douglas, 2012

Encaustic painting: “Rainy Afternoon on the Tappan Zee Bridge”/© Heather Leigh Douglas, 2012

Blue skies, long days, gorgeous sunsets. Midwinter’s bare trees, early dusk, heavy snows. New blossoms peeking through in spring. Falls’ spectacular colors. Unique in all seasons, the landscape against the bridge is alluring.

Envision the future spans with psychedelic lights? Remember July 4 fireworks with the Tappan Zee as backdrop? Project officials want to know!

Painters, photographers and sculptors can send their interpretations of the bridge — new design or current — to the 2014 Bridge Art Show,  a collaboration with ArtsWestchester, Rockland Center for the Arts, Rivertown Artists Workshop and Nyack Art Collective.

“I’m delighted there is art related (related to the project) and hope there will be more,” ArtsWestchester CEO Janet Langsam said. “A bridge takes you places and brings people together, and it’s important art is involved.”

“Bridgebuilder,” woodcut 2-3/4” sq./Sleepy Hollow artist and collaborative print project facilitator Jeff White © 2014

“Bridgebuilder,” woodcut 2-3/4” sq./Sleepy Hollow artist and collaborative print project facilitator Jeff White © 2014

Langsam is encouraging amateurs and those more advanced to take part. “Artists in the Hudson Valley are a tight community in all counties,” she emphasized.

Engaging and connecting neighbors, comparing and appreciating how they see a shared focus.

“This is a nice way to join the Westchester and Rockland arts communities,” RoCA Executive Director Julianne Ramos agreed. “Artists appreciate the opportunity to say they were in a show, and have their work recognized.”

RAW Co-Director/Founder Naomi Vladeck felt the group’s establishment in the Sleepy Hollow cultural community is a bonus. RAW advocates for local artists to demonstrate their performance work, “(And) we’ve met a lot of visual artists doing that,” she said.

"Figure Sitting at RiverWalk Park"/© Janie Rosman 2013

“Figure Sitting at RiverWalk Park”/© Janie Rosman 2013

The project’s Visual Quality Panel — including RoCA Board of Directors President Robert L. Fellows — will select a Best of Show and two runners-up for the work, shown in Tarrytown and Nyack.

“Art is your interpretation. I see things as I believe other people see them, NAC member Ken Burns said. His atmospheric painting of the bridge will be oil, acrylics or watercolor. “It’s a creative idea to have this show, and I feel people will be interested in seeing it.”

And who knows? Perhaps this show will set a precedent. All art is for sale, too, so if a specific work catches your eye, say so.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2014

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  1. I often read blogs like some may watch a tv series; catching up and reading older entries – the photo you took (Figure sitting) enlarged beautifully and I hope you entered it in the show- it is haunting.


    • nykeypad on

      Thank you for reading my blog and for your kind words. I took this last year on a lark: http://wp.me/p3ncNt-6k, and often look at it. Considered entering it, then changed my mind. Knowing another person appreciates it makes me smile.


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