Something about a “Nine” Year, and Toy Talk

Another fun day on your favorite highway and mine, 287. No one says I-287, just 287. And today, early afternoon, its reputation for traffic didn’t disappoint me. It aggravated me: because of it, I was first late to, then missed, an appointment.


Driving east, though, was a breeze. That Air Force One landed at Westchester County, necessitating 287 from White Plains to Port Chester to close, shouldn’t have affected me. The closures were from 1:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., and east of me; maybe that’s why there was hardly any westbound traffic in late afternoon.

Mom commented about the bridge. It’s not a bad bridge. It doesn’t look like a terribly old bridge. Fifty-nine in December. Maybe it’s the “nine” year before the big six-o. She was fascinated by the construction equipment and grinned when I sang the TONKA song.

♪♫ For boys who want real lifelike toys that they can operate, too.
Attention boys, TONKA toys are made just for you. ♪♫

Bob the Builder

Why do I remember that? Early morning television commercials. My little brother and I eating cereal from the box while watching cartoons.

When my nephew turned two, I was at a loss for what to buy him. He had more toys than a store. One neighbor who worked at the neighborhood candy store on Sunday rescued me. “Bob the Builder™ figures,” he said. “They’re small, will fit in his hand, and he’ll love them.”

My brother’s fascination with MATCHBOX® Cars came back to haunt him. When he was two or three, nana and papa bought him a few of these tiny cars. He loved playing with them. Mom and dad quickly realized that the minute he got a new car, he’d pull the catalog from the package and point to what he wanted next.

car case

It so happened that the minute my then-two nephew realized there were more Bob the Builder™ figures, he wanted them. He called them all Bee Dee Dee since he was unable to say “builder” yet. And my brother finally understood the meaning of karma.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2014

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