Halloween in July — Wait, It’s Still Summer

There’s something soothing about hot chocolate.

New NY Bridge mug

School started yesterday for kids in our district. High voices shouting, calling, talking underneath my window at 7:30 a.m. I’d been up a few hours and thought about when I was in school. We didn’t make noise at the school bus stop, which was half a block from where it is now. On a narrower section of sidewalk.

Which meant we kids waiting for the bus parted our line — to the curb or behind on the grass — when someone walked by. Most people were going to the train station at the far end of the street (half a mile). One lady, Mrs. Kelly, wore large hats with wide brims, so we dubbed her Hat Lady. Colorful, expressive, bold hats, some nearly as wide as the narrow sidewalk.

We were respectful when she passed, and a few times she smiled. I learned years later that she had fair skin and didn’t tolerate the sun well.

The sidewalk’s been repaved many times, and there is no more grass near the curbside. There’s also plenty of room for two or three people to walk next to one another unlike more than 40 years ago, when we kids parted the line for people walking by.


September brings a change of seasons. And while no one goes trick-or-treating in summer, I saw Halloween costumes and decorations at a local dollar store in July. Why are we rushing time away? It’s precious; this past year, especially the past six months, had moments and gave me memories that no calendar turn can take away.

Summer ends September 22 at 10:28 p.m. Not today. It’s warm outside, and I’m wearing a white jacket to the bridge art show opening tonight. So what if oodles of articles debate about wearing/not wearing white after Labor Day.

I’ll be easy to find. I’ve spoken with many of you on the phone and would like to meet you. See you later!

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2014

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  1. K.F. Burns on

    I just hope there is a good turnout on the 5th and the 12th, a lot of thought and hard work went into this show.

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