About the Viewing Area — and the Denim Jacket

Revised post. Nothing will be interactive. No telescopes or periscopes.

Checking out project info and view/Photo: NNYB Outreach

Checking out project info and view/Photo: NNYB Outreach

In addition to the signage, there will be two pairs of monoculars – one is ADA accessible – and benches. You’ll be checking the Spotter’s Guide for sure once the monoculars arrive.

Although I was misinformed about the telescopes, they’d have been fun to use.

Viewing area at RiverWalk Park in Tarrytown will have benches and monoculars/Photo: NYS Thruway Authority

Viewing area at RiverWalk Park in Tarrytown will have benches and monoculars/Photo: NYS Thruway Authority

Initially a pergola – cover of sorts – was included, Tarrytown Village Administrator Mike Blau said. However, when the village bid it, the cost was too high, and it was removed.

Blau said the signs cost $2,070, the monoculars cost $7,258.60, and that the remainder is for the build out of benches. That component is currently out to bid, he said, with bids due back on October 3.

Here are the three panels I mentioned the other day:

design features

spotters guide

construction platform

A few people asked me about my height and the wall. Here’s a picture from the other night. And while this has nothing to do with the bridge, my denim jacket has been with me these past 17 years. And is in lots of pictures.

For those of you who asked, here comes the story.


Years ago I was an editorial assistant at IBM in White Plains, formatting product announcement letters for distribution to four geographies worldwide.

Marilyn and Ann lived in Poughkeepsie and worked in my department, and we became friends. One summer Saturday I met them for lunch in Fishkill, and while browsing stores, we passed a consignment shop and went inside. A denim jacket caught my eye. I started talking with the store owner, who told me she and her husband had just moved their store from Yonkers.

I gave her the requested $9 and walked out wearing the jacket, sleeves rolled up once because they were too long. It’s a men’s jacket and buttons left over right. I wore it and wore it and washed it and wore it. Two years ago I sewed most of the holes caused by wear with colored thread. Last spring I cut the sleeves (beyond wear) and rolled up the cuffs again.

It has pockets for my cell phone and ID when I don’t want to carry a shoulder bag. It’s crossed the Brooklyn Bridge many times, hiked the trails of Dutchess County, stood on the gazebo in Cold Spring watching the sunset, walked around the Upper East Side, Upper West Side, Greenwich Village, Greenwich (Connecticut), and a whole host of other places.

I’ll replace it one day. Not today.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2014

2 comments so far

  1. Marsha Zion on

    Where exactly is the viewing area on the Rockland side??


    • nykeypad on

      I took the long way: Exit 11 to High Avenue till it ends, then make a right, then another right (near the condos), then a left. it’s off Piermont Avenue. Another way is to take Exit 10 and make a left onto Piermont Avenue until you get to the park.


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