“Picture Yourself on a Boat on a River . . . “

Today is John Lennon’s birthday. He would have been 74. It’s my birthday, too, at least for the next few hours. First birthday without my dad, who passed away last February.

Approaching the bridge, project site/© Janie Rosman 2014

Approaching the bridge, project site/© Janie Rosman 2014

And today is the 18-month anniversary of this blog, which I began on April 6, 2013. The first year went by so quickly and is now midway through the second.

I drove home Monday afternoon talking to dad as I navigated the bridge traffic. He’d be happy for me, excited, too, to hear what happened. And while we didn’t always agree, he trusted my judgment.

Lots of firsts this year that I wanted to tell him about. He’d be glad that I’m doing what I love, and am passionate about, writing, and that it’s taking me to places I’ve never been. Like on a boat. On the Hudson River.

Six months ago, I had a bit of fun reminiscing with Tarrytown Mayor Drew Fixell about the movie “BUtterfield 8.”

approach to the TZB

When I covered the bridge art show, I wrote a post about what the bridge meant to me, to us kids, coming home from upstate and seeing its lights over the river.

The Local Notice to Mariners primer I wrote last year, and that’s often included for reference, begins: Guess how many times I’ve been on a boat? Three: . . .

Since then, I’ve taken two more media tours and a historic boat tour, and was there Monday when the crane arrived. I never tire looking at the bridge even as the waterscape changes daily. Hopefully, I’ll have many more chances to be on a boat on the river.

Happy birthday, John.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2014

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