Personal Musing: Yesterday on the Bridge

“Where is it?” mom asked. “I want to see it.”

“It” was the crane that was greeted by Governor Cuomo, state transportation and project officials, and your intrepid reporter last month. We were on the approach span heading westbound, and I was focusing on the narrowed lanes.

Easier seen from Rockland approach//© Janie Rosman 2014

The crane’s location on October 28/© Janie Rosman 2014

“There it is!” mom pointed. I glanced to the right and saw the red, white, and blue arm among the other equipment. Because of its place in the river — as reporters observed during a recent media boat tour — near the Rockland side of the main span, the crane was in better view after we passed the center of the bridge.

On the way back to Westchester is a stretch of highway that declines a bit, then curves toward the Rockland approach; it’s here that you also have a clear view.

“Our boat was so tiny in comparison,” I told her. When mom heard the crane sits on a barge the size of a football field, the topic switched to dad and Jets’ football games. It’s been eight months, and we miss him more every day.

Mom and dad have birthdays this month. Sometimes his was the same day as Thanksgiving, and even if it wasn’t, we’d have a cake with candles that day, and for his birthday, too. Dad turned 91 last year.

Depending upon the weather tomorrow, we’re going to RiverWalk Park so mom can see the crane through a high-powered lens. “Dad would have liked to see it,” she said. He’ll be there, too.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2014

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