Moving One Step Forward and Watching the Calendar

The first time I drove to Piermont — years, years ago — I took Exit 10, followed the traffic circle to 9W South, and followed the road. My initial trip to Village Hall in South Nyack last year found me on that same road.

Either my sense of direction is off (it is) or South Nyack is hard to find.

Looking north from the Esposito Trail

Looking north fr the Esposito Trail: staging area is on right

That’s exactly what Mayor Bonnie Christian and Planning Board Chairman Jerry Ilowite told me earlier this week: the village wants to reclaim its identity and its land. A mini-tour gave me a better sense of its tranquility and urgency — especially its efforts to stay ahead of, or parallel to, the state’s plans for the Exit 10 Interchange.

Ilowite and Christian talked about the possibility of reconnecting the village by decking over those bridges and eliminating the “here” and “there” of the village. Ilowite talked about lid parks at a candidates’ forum more than three years ago (May 2011) sponsored by State Assemblywoman Ellen Jaffee (97th District). The idea fell by the wayside, not solely because a park is too expensive to maintain.

from Appendix AIn California, a similar idea was proposed several years ago to join downtown Los Angeles, severed when Freeway 101 was built in the 1950s.

Page 2 of Appendix A of the village’s Request for Proposal (RFP) to conduct a feasibility study, an Economic Sustainability Initiative talks about a deck becoming the new village center or “green” via commercial development providing a revenue stream to South Nyack, and reconnecting its two sides. Not to mention creating jobs and fitting in with the county’s larger tourism plans.

And it minces no words:

The Village favors redesigning and shrinking the interchange. However that land is rightly South Nyack’s and should be returned to the Village.

Looking south from the Esposito Trail -  is a lid park feasible?

Looking south fr the Esposito Trail: deck as possible solution

After the March 20 meeting, where residents blasted project officials, and called the state’s plans for the SUP landing “insensitive and destructive of South Nyack’s residential way of life,” village officials agreed with residents, and asked the state to revise its plans for the new path and terminus.

Christian and Ilowite agreed with Legislator Nancy Low-Hogan and South Nyack TZ Bridge Task Force member Connie Coker that each idea submitted warranted time to study, and project engineers were considering all suggestions. Hopeful that the state’s plans coincide with theirs, village officials and residents wait for word.

I’d like to know what you think.

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