No Minutes, Many Months of Finger-Pointing Later

Earlier this week South Nyack residents rallied behind village Mayor Bonnie Christian and other elected officials regarding the state’s decision to plant the shared use path terminus at their doorstep.

You’ve heard the expression “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,” right?

The South Nyack Task Force has been meeting for more than a year without recording minutes. At the village Board of Trustees’ June 10, 2014, meeting, Hope Cameron inquired if minutes were taken, to which Task Force member Jerry Ilowite answered ‘no.’

Direct question, direct answer. How is that transparent, the same transparency residents and the mayor are asking of the state?

The village liked this concept, which would cost $3,300,000

The village liked this concept, which would cost $3,300,000

Where are records of those discussions? The village asked project officials to move the terminus from Smith Avenue, a tiny dead-end street off Piermont Avenue, to the intersection of South Broadway and Cornelison Avenue, with the Village Hall site slated for parking.

Who requested the move? Certainly not village residents, who saw red when they heard about it. Who requested the move?

For months I’ve been writing, and asking, about a meeting with the state re Exit 10 and the shared use path. Each time, special project advisor Brian Conybeare said engineers were still studying the NNYB_Rockland_Concepts_20141125-3 submitted by the village, residents and other stakeholders.

Here’s the bottom half of one of the pages:

bridge study

The top half of this page shows the process and results.

After months of intensive questionnaires and data collection for the parking demand study, it was determined that the Westchester side needed 97 parking spaces, and the Rockland side needed 54. Where to put the parking? Each of the concepts had to be fleshed out.

See data and the complete survey at the above link.

The state said ‘yes’ once when the village asked that the terminus be moved. I’ve contacted the mayor and a Task Force member for explanation. Now the village points a finger and blames the state for not cooperating?

Ask the South Nyack Task Force what happened at its meetings and discussions.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2014

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