A Lengthy Explanation for a Simple Question

I stand corrected: the state never confirmed it would return Exit 10 to South Nyack because the land would be used for the length of the project; its use had not been planned.

That said, I was reading and rereading South Nyack Mayor Bonnie Christian’s recent update: what happened, and when. I asked the mayor and deputy mayor last week for a timeline of the seven task force meetings, two of which focused on noise levels from the construction.

“We were thinking we could get something back for the village, and get something nice done,” she said of the plans to relocate Village Hall and make the location into a parking lot. “Maybe that could be one of the concepts.” (story here)

One of the concepts sounded more like the only concept. Christian told me the task force met seven times, and two were discussions about noise levels, she said, “so only five meetings were dedicated to the terminus.”

The village liked this concept, which would cost $3,300,000

The village liked this concept, which would cost $3,300,000

What were the seven meeting dates? I keep a yearly desk calendar that has one page for each week of the year. If you asked me what I did on a specific day in March, or in July, I’d look back to that week and tell you. What is so secret about a meeting date?

These sentences of her update are telling:

“There was still no consensus on estimates of how many visitors could be expected to use the new SUP.” . . . “We again asked the New NY Bridge team to conduct a professional study to estimate usage.”

Village officials asked the task force, which later added two more members, to devise new ideas. Project engineers, using 10 comparative locations, crafted intensive questionnaires and collected data for a parking demand study, while village officials were looking forward to seeing ideas for Interchange 10. (story here)

While the village of South Nyack wanted to eventually connect the new bridge’s shared use path terminus to a future Exit 10 redevelopment, it looked for a possibly acceptable interim plan. Then it rebuked the interim plan village officials initially chose.

The Journal News reported — and special project advisor Brian Conybeare confirmed — “at least 45 meetings with South Nyack village officials, its TZ task force, residents and other locals with a stake, along with hundreds of phone calls, emails and informal meetings.”

It was a simple request: Please provide a timeline of dates and topics. When were those seven meetings, and what conversations preceded and followed them?

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2014

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