Are SN Task Force Meetings Private or Public?

In her recent update, South Nyack Mayor Bonnie Christian wrote:

“Just a reminder that the Task Force and I are available for meetings in homes where neighbors can gather for conversation about these critical issues facing South Nyack.  Please contact me at (845) 358-0287 to schedule a meeting.”

The task force reports to the village trustees and records no minutes, one member said, because it’s not a government body. Residents have asked that minutes be kept and for more transparency so they know what’s being discussed on their behalf. Summations weren’t enough, they said.

* * * * *

Tuesday night the task force met with South Nyack residents in a private home. I’d asked the mayor via email Saturday if was open to media. She said no.

Today I was Googling information about South Nyack and found this video:

Jennifer Hilmes Rothschild was heartened at the turnout of 35 to 40 village residents who filled her living room.

“The people of South Nyack are hungry for information and very actively concerned about the location of the bridge bike/walk path (SUP) entrance at such a dangerous intersection,” Rothschild said. Everyone overwhelmingly agreed the SUP entrance should be moved from the corner of Cornelison and South Broadway to a location within the Thruway Exit 10 land.

She noted the recurring plea is for village leaders to hold a public town hall meeting to address this issue so the community can speak with a unified voice publicly, and that minutes be kept.

“There should have been public meetings,” Annie Hekker Weiss said. “The mayor hasn’t had a public meeting with her constituents since the one last March.”

Acknowledging that a private home can only accommodate a limited number of people, Rothschild said public safety and neighborhood integrity issues are too important to be confined to small spaces and invitation-only events.

“It is terribly important for the process to be open and transparent.”

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2015

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