A Little Bit More about the Shared Use Path

A flyer from project officials detailing the new bridge’s bicycle and walking path arrived one day after 35 to 40 South Nyack residents met in a private home to voice their concern about the path’s location.


South Nyack residents feel the information — which discusses improvements to the dangerous turn, traffic and parking options, and exit 10 redevelopment — flies in the face of what the mayor has been saying.

  • FICTION: The current design for the New NY Bridge shared use path for bikes and pedestrians was forced on the Village of South Nyack without local input.
  • FACT: The New NY Bridge team has been working collaboratively with the Village of South Nyack and community members since the project’s inception. Following a request from the village, the path’s access point was redesigned and relocated from Smith Avenue to Cornelison Avenue at South Broadway — at a cost to the project of approximately $900,000 dollars.
  • FICTION: The bike and pedestrian path will create unsafe conditions at the intersection of Cornelison Avenue and South Broadway.
  • FACT: The New NY Bridge team is proposing and will pay for improvements to the Cornelison Avenue/South Broadway intersection. Improvements include new, high-visibility crosswalks, improved traffic controls, traffic calming measures and safer turning space for vehicles including buses. An easy connection from the path to the existing Esposito Trail is also being considered to reduce the number of cyclists on local streets.

The village was aware of these safety improvements, although specifics have not been finalized.

  • FICTION: There will be no public parking at Thruway exit 10 after the new bridge is completed.
  • FACT: The New NY Bridge team is studying several community-generated parking options, including public parking at Thruway exit 10. The New NY Bridge Community Benefits Program has also approved a $250,000 grant to the Village of South Nyack to study ways to redevelop exit 10 in the future.

Project officials held at least 50 meetings with South Nyack village officials, its task force, residents and other local stakeholders in addition to hundreds of phone calls, emails and other informal meetings. The project team also spent more than $4.6 million to mitigate issues raised by South Nyack village officials and residents.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2015

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