South Nyack Mayor Continues to Protest Concepts

Earlier today I had a conversation that changed my thinking.

in focus

After I hung up the phone I made a call and made amends for (fill in the blank) because I felt it was the right thing to do. It felt right inside, and I did it. And vowed not to repeat (fill in the blank) again.

What does this have to do with South Nyack?

A village that was torn apart 60 years ago is speaking out against the state and its own village officials, who need to be transparent. Instead of further separating, make amends: have public meetings with constituents and keep records (take minutes). Every minute counts.

FACT: The project is now in year three, and the bridge builder is on a schedule. It may not be South Nyack’s schedule; however, it is a schedule that will not waiver.

FACT: South Nyack was granted money for the feasibility study per the Mass Transit Task Force recommendations last February.

FACT: Nine months later the village released its Request for Proposal (RFP) to conduct a feasibility study with a December 31 deadline. The project continues whether or not the village does its study.

Lines are drawn more deeply in the sand as South Nyack Mayor Bonnie Christian continues to protest what the state is doing. In her recent update (1/29/15), Christian wrote:


“Statements in the postcard misrepresented the position of both the Task Force and Village Trustees as we sought to find better solutions for the location of the terminus. Village officials believed that possible locations needed to be presented to the residents before any parking solutions could be considered.”

South Nyack residents feel the information — which discusses improvements to the dangerous turn, traffic and parking options, and exit 10 redevelopment — flies in the face of what the mayor has been saying.

Christian told residents the Thruway Authority spent $900,000 on its concept before the March meeting without knowledge or approval from the village board, calling the action presumptuous and premature.

Village officials helped devise that concept per the mayor’s Chronology of Events:

“Working with the New NY Bridge team, we considered a plan to bring the path out to the corner of Cornelison Avenue and South Broadway with a small parking lot where Village Hall is. We felt this compromise would get the terminus away from the middle of a residential area to at least the edge of one.”

“As part of the New NY Bridge project’s ongoing community involvement efforts, we are asking residents to provide their input and comments on the parking concepts for the shared-use bike/pedestrian path on both sides of the river,” Special Project Advisor Brian Conybeare said via email. “We continue to work on reasonable, cost-effective solutions with leaders from both South Nyack and Tarrytown as the environmental assessment process moves forward.”

The mayor said the village is being pressured to comment on the parking concepts by the February 13 deadline, and is asking residents to copy her on all correspondence to Conybeare.

I’d like to know what you think.

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