SNL: South Nyack Livid, its Mayor Still Ranting

Yesterday I spoke with Rockland County Executive Ed Day about the horrific accident in Valhalla, public safety and awareness of railroad crossings. The topic then changed to the bridge, South Nyack and the shared use path terminus.

“People have to come together and work with each other,” Day said. “At some point they have to meet and agree to cooperate.”


South Nyack Mayor Bonnie Christian’s most recent mailing to residents continues to admonish the state for putting something upon the village that she and the task force and the board agreed to — without seeking residents’ input — figuring (I bet) they’d love it. And they hated it.

It goes back to correcting what was done/said and moving forward instead of blaming the state for an idea that she initially promoted.

Per Christian’s Chronology of Events, “Working with the New NY Bridge team, we considered a plan to bring the path out to the corner of Cornelison Avenue and South Broadway with a small parking lot where Village Hall is. We felt this compromise would get the terminus away from the middle of a residential area to at least the edge of one.”

Comments online range from supportive to condemning to insulting. That last is disrespectful. Stooping to as low a level as possible will get attention; some feel negative attention is as good as any. Nonetheless, the bridge will be built, and the shared use path will end in South Nyack. It’s time for village officials to rise above their behavior.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2015

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