This is Not the Last Exit Before the Bridge

Dateline — Saturday morning after a snowstorm en route to a meeting in Tarrytown. Roads are clear (I waited a bit since they were icy where I live), the sky is clear. Why this?


To whoever is driving this car, how long does it take to wipe the back window?

This person was outdone by someone a few exits later. A dark blue car with no hub caps zipping along at 60 miles per hour suddenly slowed to 30 miles per hour. I was a distance behind and heard horns honking. The car that slowed had no working brake lights. What? No lights?

Its driver moved into the right lane toward Exit 1, changed his/her mind once on the exit ramp, stopped again, then crossed left into the marked-off area. I bet he or she was looking for Exit 9 off the Thruway, the last exit before the bridge.

I’ll give this person credit for not backing up. Have you ever been behind a driver who drives onto an exit ramp, changes his/her mind, puts the car in reverse and backs out to the highway? Happened to me twice last summer.

Which brings me to another point: signs.

We who travel 287 know Exit 1 to Route 119 (White Plains Road) is not the last exit before the bridge. A little courtesy for other drivers, please, and what about safety? It is NOT safe to back up if you take an exit ramp and then change your mind. And if you cross the marked-off area to re-enter the highway, then please use your left-turn signal so those behind you know what you’re doing.

I suggest the Thruway Authority add a “Not the Last Exit Before Bridge” sign at Exit 1 off 287 for people unfamiliar with the area.

Just saying.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2015

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