Wondering How to Get There? Follow the Signs.

It’d be easy locating all the new signs in Tarrytown, right? I missed one.

If I was writing about another topic, then I’d tell you I missed all the signs — or did I see them clearly and choose to look away? More on this in another post.

sign 1AWe’re talking about the wayfaring signs, the eight new ones directing visitors to the Community Outreach Center in Tarrytown and the viewing area at RiverWalk Park.

I located seven and didn’t see the eighth because it was for drivers coming south/east across the bridge, and I was driving north/west.

Rockland (Nyack) will have similar blue-and-white markers and a sign map when the Memorial Park fishing pier is finished, and the project information is in place at the viewing area. Currently there are plans to add more signs in Westchester.


Editorial Note: Until recently the first sign was immediately past Exit 9 near the right lane; drivers exiting the Thruway might miss this one, and if they did see it, then they’d have to switch lanes. Your intrepid reporter told project officials, and now it’s prominently displayed at the top of the exit (Route 119).

Print this map if you like, and happy hunting!

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2015

2 comments so far

  1. Nancy Adams on

    I was in Tarrytown the weekend of April 10 and saw the signs as I came over the bridge from the West. I found viewing platform (with a little perseverance) and took some photos – however, I could not find the Outreach Center which is really where i wanted to go. I greatly wanted to see the Paper Bridge Sculpture of the bridge that my nephew’s wife created. I had a deadline to be in Croton and so didn’t have unlimited time. I tried again on my way back to Virginia – and again didn’t succeed in finding it. So sorry about that.


  2. nykeypad on

    Hi Nancy, Jodi’s paper sculpture of the bridge is amazing: https://nykeypad.wordpress.com/2014/08/28/one-artists-perspective-new-ny-bridge-in-3-d/


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