Nyack Mayor Jen White on the Village’s Fishing Pier/Viewing Platform and SUP Parking

These sections refer to the New NY Bridge project. Read Mayor Jen White’s complete April 2015 Communication here.

What’s next in the park?

The park transformation continues. This spring we should see the construction of the fishing pier/viewing platform, the moving of the gazebo, the installation of fencing around the Playground, the grand opening of the hillside slide, the addition of Children’s Garden planters around the new playground and the construction of the Skate Plaza.

It is so exciting. The playground slide is ready to go, we simply need to construct a railing, which will happen in the next few weeks, and plant the hillside grass. The Skate Plaza design is finalized, construction drawings are almost complete and the job will be awarded soon. The fishing pier is ready to go, weather permitting. We held our first public workshop on April 9 related to the new gazebo design and check our website to find out when there will be a follow up public meeting.

parking lot

Why isn’t Nyack helping South Nyack with the SUP Terminus?

In fact, they are or at least have.

I eat lunch with Mayor Christian every couple of months and we discuss many issue facing our villages including, obviously, the New NY Bridge. We have offered many suggestions, alternatives and ideas on the issues facing the Village of South Nyack and the Thruway Authority. We have walked parts of both villages with Mayor Christian and Thruway representatives seeking parking alternatives and we have offered both short term and long term help with the solutions to the SUP.

That said, South Nyack has made it very clear that the concerns and the solutions are theirs, and theirs alone and while they appreciate our offers of help, this is South Nyack’s issue.

When they have asked for our assistance we have gladly provided it and we will certainly do so in the future, should they be interested in our help.

Editorial Note: White talked about the shared use path in her 2015 State of the Village Message. Recently she spoke with me about assisting South Nyack.

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