Critical Thinkers See 3D Designs Become Reality

South Nyack resident Joanne Ciuccio’s daily commute to work at Rye Country Day School gives her a daily view of the river activity.

Learning how 3D images are transformed into reality/NNYB

Learning how 3D images are transformed into reality/NNYB

“That’s what was so interesting for me,” Ciuccio said. “I grew up on the Rockland area, and the bridge has been a presence in my life for most of my life.”

Nearing the end of her first year teaching application development and programs to middle school students, she credited her B.S. degree in Fine Arts and Literature/Communications from Pace University and M.Ed. from Manhattanville College with steering her toward computer science.

“Art is a way of looking at things and presenting them to other people,” she said. “Artists serve everyone.”

Fascination with the area’s history led to thinking about the project, and she suggested school administrators have an assembly. A subsequent “lunch and learn” with project officials and middle school faculty confirmed their interest.

“We’re witnessing it at this point in time and imagining people 50 years from now driving across it. I thought it was a great idea to discuss with my students in 3D design.” — MS Computer Science Instructor Joanne Ciuccio

Many didn’t realize the project’s magnitude, and the responses from students and faculty were overwhelmingly positive. Some students were interested in how the bridge was being built, and some were interested in the overall project and how professionals at different levels of responsibility worked together.

Thruway Construction Phase One/Nyack Public Library

Thruway Construction Phase One/Nyack Public Library

How will it change the environments? What was it like in Rockland when the bridge was being built?These were some of the questions.

“My students are critical thinkers,” she said. “They asked lots of questions, and Brian did an excellent job of making it real for them.”

One of the fun ways to learn about the project — and nature — is via the FalconCam.

“The kids were amazed at this and had no idea,” Ciuccio said. “It brought up positive feelings since it seems the bridge builders have thought about everything.”

“The New NY Bridge is a once in a lifetime project and we want it to inspire local students at all levels from graduate school and college down to elementary classrooms. The goal of our educational outreach effort at all levels is to use this historic infrastructure project to inspire the next generation of bridge builders here in New York.” — Brian Conybeare, Special Project Advisor to Governor Andrew Cuomo

Their main takeaway was that different people with varying jobs and expertise were working together, and they liked seeing the slides and the video of people working on the bridge.

Ciuccio is working with a colleague on a program, part of the maker movement and based upon STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math). She hopes the school will develop more classroom projects related to the bridge “and find ways to introduce it during this small window of opportunity.”

I’d like to know what you think.

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