Update: Nyack Viewing Area Nearing Completion

Nyack officials broke ground last summer (August 7) on a new 90-foot long fishing pier and accessible ramp for access to the river, this to be funded via a $150,000 Environmental Protection Fund Local Waterfront Revitalization grant.

Site preparation started three weeks later (August 27).

Nearly completed and with a great view of the bridge project/New NY Bridge Outreach

Nearly completed and with a great view of the bridge project/New NY Bridge Outreach

This week or next crews will be placing the monoculars and information panels, and the layout will be the same as the viewing area in Tarrytown, Nyack Village Administrator Jim Politi told the Rockland County Times.

Instead of a continuous height, the railing will be height-adjusted behind the benches, Politi said. On the main deck will be portable tables and chairs (box seats), a mix of seating and decking.


The $400,000 project was financed with $200,000 from the village and matching funds: $150,000 from the Environmental Protection Fund Local Waterfront Revitalization grant to build the pier and an ADA-compliant ramp plus a $50,000 grant from the bridge project’s Community Benefits Program.

Tarrytown’s viewing area is complete with a bench (finished earlier this month), three informational panels and two sets of monoculars, Village Administrator Mike Blau said.

Each village’s viewing area is funded by a grant — $49,500 to Tarrytown, and $50,000 to Nyack — from the Community Benefits Program.

I’d like to know what you think.

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  1. nykeypad on

    Reblogged this on Kaleidoscope Eyes and commented:

    From Mayor Jen Laird White’s Summer 2015 Message:

    The fishing pier is gorgeous and nearing completion. Because of the new post Sandy flood standards, it comes into the park quite high off the ground and the last phase of construction is the handicapped accessible ramp to get onto the pier. Once the major work is done, we will add movable tables and chairs, lights and the TZ projects granted viewfinders and guide to the New NY Bridge project. I think it is going to be a very popular park spot, not just for bridge walking but for watching the sunrise, enjoying the river and, of course, fishing.


  2. Wendy Ripp on

    This is fabulous, but neglects to tell the innocent reader WHERE in Nyack it is located and how does one get to it? Via our waterfront park with the Gazebo?


    • nykeypad on

      Hi Wendy. Yes, it’s in Memorial Park.


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