Through the Eyes of Fours: Buildings and Bridges

Creativity with cans for fun and a charitable cause/JCC

Creativity with cans for fun and a charitable cause/JCC

It started with a food bridge at the JCC on the Hudson in 2013. Last month was a LEGO® build where kids and their parents made mini model bridges from the colorful plastic bricks.

Since Its nursery school class is learning about building, JCC Marketing Communications Director Lori Robinson said, the four-year-olds recently went to see the real bridge up close at RiverWalk Park.

“We talked about the bridge, and the kids walked around Pierson Park,” Robinson said. “They’re learning building songs, and now there are a lot of buildings in their world with the JCC expanding” — last month was groundbreaking for a new $6.5 million building — “and the bridge project outside.”

Seeing a K'NEX bridge and then viewing the real one/NNYB

Seeing a K’NEX bridge and then viewing the real one/NNYB

Adults and kids took turns holding the rebar section, asking how thick it was how it looked different, then the kids held some interlocking pieces and felt how heavy they were, too.

Then it was playground time for the little ones.

“One of the nice things was that Andy brought the K’NEX bridge so they saw it and the bridge being built,” Robinson said. Another trip is planned so the kids can see the bridge from a different view on the other side of the JCC, which plans future creative bridge-building activities.

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Something new next summer is Camp Twelve Trails™ for ages 5 to 16 that combines day camps of JCC on the Hudson, The Riverdale YM-YWHA, and YM & YWHA of Washington Heights and Inwood. For information call 845-735-2383. Check out the JCC’s website for a calendar of all events and programs.

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