Eighteen Years, Three Miles and Lots of Memories

familiar sightDuring the past two years I’ve worked in Rockland the monthly amount added to my E-ZPass® account has been increasing.

Yesterday mom talked about the tower cranes and how they look like big toys. I told her about the mini ones and that kids like to play with them. “I don’t see anything wrong with this bridge,” she said as I switched lanes.

We passed the blue girders, and she looked over at them. “Why didn’t they make it shorter? It’s a very long three miles.”

* * * * *

I’ve driven those three miles and more in the car I bought 18 years ago from one Honda dealer in Westchester. Back then the movable barrier was five years old and the best thing since sliced bread. Irving Neighborhood was more than 10 years away from worrying about a tunnel or bridge unsettling its serenity; a major construction project was not on The Quay Condominium homeowners’ radar.

Where the zipper barrier stays when on the Tarrytown side of the bridge./Steve Alpert at http://www.alpsroads.net.

Where the zipper barrier stays when on the Tarrytown side of the bridge./Steve Alpert at http://www.alpsroads.net.

It was also when then-Governor George Pataki squelched the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane project to reduce congestion in the 30-mile corridor. Bus rapid transit, dedicated lanes, streamlined system . . .

Sound familiar?

The black Honda Civic LX had only eight miles on its engine in February 1998 yet was on the dealership’s lot through the summer. I knew it was the car for me.

I missed the deadline for Honda specials so my only option was to lease it. When it came off lease three years later I told my dad I planned to buy it, and how excited I was now that I’d be making payments on my car instead of on a lease.

A few days later he gave me a check for the amount in full. The car and my dad became forever emotionally linked in my mind and heart . . . which is why I’m having a difficult time deciding whether to keep it or get a newer model (2011). Recently I’ve been looking at used cars, and when a few people, including the manager of one dealership last week, asked if mine was for sale I reconsidered. I’d miss the memories.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2016

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