New This Month: Main Span Tower Crossbeams

These four ginormous crossbeams will connect the new bridge's main span towers/NYSTA

These four ginormous crossbeams will connect the new bridge’s main span towers/NYSTA

February is one month closer to summer and also starts prep for installing four precast crossbeams that will connect the main span towers and support the road deck (what we’ll drive on).

Here's where the crossbeams will be placed/NYSTA

Here’s where the crossbeams will be placed/NYSTA

They’re enormous, we hear, at 26 feet high and 16 feet-six inches wide, and are different lengths: the eastbound span’s crossbeams are 60 feet long, and the westbound span’s are 70 feet long. Do you know why? All together now: the shared use path adds the extra width.

Credit Coastal Precast Systems (CPS) in Chesapeake, Virginia, for fabricating the 645-ton eastbound crossbeams and the 742-ton westbound crossbeams, which came north via a floating barge. Two weeks ago — and days before Winter Storm Jonas — reported the western side of Chesapeake Bay was one of three areas “of particular concern.”

They got here safely.

Soon the I Lift NY will get another workout setting the beams — held in place by temporary steelwork while crews connect them — between the main span towers.

I’d like to know what you think.

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  1. John D. Edwards on

    I still say this is one ugly bridge. It has none of the charm, visual appeal of the current bridge nor does it fit into the area. It looks like a permanent Honda commercial. btw there is a Honda dealership adjacent to the first exit off the bridge in Tarrytown. They should have found the money to include light rail feature. A more comprehensive solution would have included tunnels to get 18 wheelers, buses and commercial traffic off the bridge and extend the useful life of the new bridge,


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