Comedians in Cars: Some of the Conversation between These Noted Names Wasn’t Funny


Jerry Seinfeld picked up Steve Martin for a jaunt and coffee, crossing the bridge eastbound. It looks very different from the way it did when Liz drove across it.

Between the two cars you can see one of the three floating concrete batch plants.


Not to be outdone, the I Lift NY super crane makes a cameo appearance here.


The tower cranes are visible in this pre-girder assembly placement scene below.


They talked about the difficulties of maintaining audience interest and feeling confident onstage; however, I felt the conversation took a wrong turn at -19:00. Martin told the story of a comedian performing in a hotel atrium whose window overlooked a bay and a pier. The previous day someone had taken his or her life, and a crane was lifting the body from the water as the comedian was onstage.

They were laughing. Poor taste, right? I agree.

At -12:00 (now they’re driving across the bridge) Seinfeld said, “It is kind of beautiful out here. It looks like they’re building another bridge next to us.” “Nah, I think they’re bringing up suicides,” Martin quipped, and they laughed.

Shame on you for finding humor in sadness, desperation and tragedy. Although seconds later they expressed regret for the person’s family, I feel their comments were inappropriate both in general and in reference to the bridge.

When project officials came to Tarrytown in September 2012 I asked what precautions would be in place.

The state’s Request for Proposal for bids to replace the aging Tappan Zee Bridge included specific safety requirements. Anti-climb fencing will run along the entire length of the new span(s), including the shared use path, with steel mesh safety netting at each of the six belvederes/scenic overlooks.

While there will be no subsurface sensors or monitors to detect disabled or stopped cars, an active traffic management system will be in place — and high-tech video surveillance will monitor the eight lanes 24/7.

Lifeline suicide prevention hotline phones will connect to the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, as they do now, however they will be on the approaches as well as on the spans. When the handset is lifted, the phone automatically dials a predetermined number that connects the caller to a counseling center.

Perhaps Seinfeld and Martin were unaware of the project’s extensive safety measures. It’s no excuse to joke about a very serious subject.

That part of your discussion wasn’t funny, gentlemen. Again, shame on you.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2016

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