Cashless Tolls start Soon; I’ll Miss the Collectors

Seen also in yellow at some TZB E-ZPass® lanes/ Rob Jones

Seen also in yellow at some TZB E-ZPass® lanes/ Rob Jones

Some days I’d put my E-ZPass® tag in the glove compartment and extend my arm with a $5 bill at the Tarrytown toll plaza.

I’ll miss that and felt a pang of sadness when I thought the toll collectors would lose their jobs once cashless tolling near Exit 10 — for which work began 18 months ago — is activated April 23. The NYS Thruway Authority said they will be reassigned within the Hudson Valley area.

Cashless tolling moves back to Westchester when the bridge opens in 2018, consistent with the public environmental review process and the design-build contract documents.

One lady had brightly colored nail polish, another grinned broadly, and all said hello and wished me nice day. I never did get to meet Karen Walker, who is a teacher at Southern Westchester BOCES, although I did write about her students’ day trip to the Outreach Center and Tarrytown viewing area last year.

Tappan-Zee-Bridge-toll-plaza♪♫ So this is progress . . . ♪♫ I hear John Lennon’s voice singing. Drivers must either sign up for E-ZPass® or receive a bill in the mail courtesy of cameras that will take pictures of their license plates. It’s a good idea not to ignore this bill and to pay it on time.

The state will accept payment via the Tolls By Mail website, by mail, phone or in person and by check, credit card, checking account or cash. A text to **826 will return information about the Tolls By Mail website and payment details.

You have until April 23 to say hi to the toll collectors at the Tarrytown toll plaza.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2016

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