Gusty Winds, Snapping Cameras and Reminiscing

old and new bridgesDespite traffic on 9W north I arrived at the Haverstraw Marina with minutes to spare, and that’s no joke. As I walked to the line for boarding the River Rose I met a Pennsylvania native who’s called Rockland home for more than half a century, and her friend Pat Kennedy.

“I’d like to see it up-close and personal,” Kennedy said as we walked along the path to her first tour. The wind gusts kicked up, and she checked to make sure the hat tied under her chin was secure.

It was also Catherine Wolf’s first tour. “I grew up near the river and wanted to see the project,” she said, remembering when crews built the first Tappan Zee.

piers and cranesNo sooner had we learned about Henry Hudson and his ship, the Half Moon, the first time Haverstraw appeared on a map (1616) and other historic points than Sanders told us the weather ceased in-river work and project officials would stay safely on land.

We continued south to the project site.

“That’s very cool! Look at that,” one woman next to me said as we neared the towers. Because of the wind we — and other passengers — held onto the rail tightly.

“I came down every day to see the bridge being built,” Wolf recalled. “I was in high school and lived in Stony Point.”

crane and towersKaren Harris of Stony Point was eager to see the project and remembered watching the Tappan Zee’s construction. “We’d go up to Grassy Point and watch parts floating down the river,” she said.

While she’d taken the River Rose north to Poughkeepsie, Harris said it was her first time on the Tappan Zee tour. Accompanying her were her brother Thomas Welsh from Morristown, and sister in-law Beata Welsh and brother-in-law David Phillips, both from Chicago.

“We grew up on the river.” Beata Welsh said, “and our connection to the river is deeper than any place else.” We come every year,” Phillips said.

Days later Harris continued marveling about the tour. “I’ve told so many people they should try it. We had a wonderful time.”

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2016

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