And So It Begins . . . Seasonal Calendar Crunching


Arriving before Labor Day . . . taking up needed space in the supermarket aisle . . . it’s annual, it’s fattening, it’s Halloween candy!

Nothing says fall is coming like shelves and displays of treat-or-treat-specific candy. Unlike the usual goodies in supermarkets, this is must-buy candy and so marketed because — let’s face it — it’s for Halloween.

Bridge at Nyack Outreach Center/NNYB

Bridge at Nyack Outreach Center/NNYB

New NY Bridge project officials have their own way of celebrating this unofficial holiday. Approaching their fourth Halloween, they’ve a challenge: what will they create this year?

This time last year crews began working on the towers, and last summer (June 2015) the first road deck panels* were placed (spoiler alert: *blog post contains a Halloween bridge).

Enjoy the last few weeks of summer — it ends September 22 — as October 31, and more NNYB Halloween fun, are nearing.

Someone Tweeted about seeing Christmas cards in stores. Why not jump ahead a few months to early 2017, when one span of the new bridge will open? Wait, first comes Halloween.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2016

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  1. Amber Choisella on

    I just saw a Spirit Halloween store banner… Halloween isn’t for two months, crazy how fast this year has been going!

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