Impromptu Drive brings Moments of Reminiscing

Disappearing bridge hidden in clouds and fog right before it began to snow./EarthCam®

Disappearing bridge hidden in clouds and fog right before it began to snow./EarthCam®

By the time we left Nyack it was snowing lightly so that you couldn’t tell if it was rain. The village looked magical, and the towers looked pretty cloaked in a heavy sky that wasn’t as heavy earlier on the way there.

“When are they going to take this bridge away?” mom asked. She and dad were married less than eight weeks before it opened. Sometimes she asks if they can keep it with the new bridge.

She wanted to see what was doing with the project, and since it’s difficult for her to get to the viewing area, much less in cold weather, we drove to Nyack.

She asked a few more questions. “When is this going to get done? Do you think it will ever open?” I smiled and asked if she remembered the first time she crossed it. She was married by then, a newlywed. She didn’t answer.

* * * * *

Friday night my dad visited me. I walked into the foyer of our house to find him by grandma’s table that holds family pictures. The back of his pants near the waist was cut away.

He turned around and smiled; I said, “Daddy!” and reached to hug him. He hugged me and made a pained face. Then I hugged him again, and he made the same pained face.

Mom reminded me he’s always had a bad back.

Dreams occur usually just before a person wakes (sometimes). When I awoke it was Saturday (December 10),so the dream was probably early Saturday morning.

Tonight I realized, after checking a log I kept of dad’s last months, that the date correlated to an incident exactly three years ago, when his back was injured. He was trying to tell me he was in pain.

I loved hugging him, and he, me. Dreams can be widely interpreted.

He left us February 2014, and while I knew it was a dream I was so happy to see him! This is the fourth time he’s visited me. Articles I read about visitation say the person is younger and healthier (he looked that way every time) than when last seen. He wears one or the other of a brightly-colored sweater, one of which is in my closet, and while he always has a broad smile he never speaks to me.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2016

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