Towering 419 Feet above the Hudson Valley

Facing north: one of the new main span towers high above the Hudson River/© H. Jackson

Facing north: one of the new main span towers high above the Hudson River/© H. Jackson

You know how, when something fascinates you, you want to know everything about it, and the more you find out the more you want to know?

I looked at pictures — from other photographers, the governor’s office and those I took — and relived last Tuesday morning. You can laugh, grin, roll your eyes. It’s OK. I understand.

Last week media had an exclusive, first-time look at the new westbound span. I’ve said at earlier times and repeat, the project is colorful: the I Lift NY, bright blue structural steel girders, red and yellow cranes, blue jump forms, yellow guard rails.

I looked at the stay cables tensioned under the main span and the girders peeking out from under the Westchester approach, where we stood, and at the rebar along the northern side of what would eventually be the shared use path and at the jump forms atop the towers and at the road deck built east from the main span (built west, too, that we couldn’t see).

The above photo — one of the towers with stairs leading to the top — got me thinking about how nervous I was in high school gym class if the teacher asked us to stand on the balance beam or sit on the lower of two uneven parallel bars.

Last week was an experience to remember.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2016

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  1. have been enjoying your column and considering how in New York something is constantly changing and demonstrating that ways can be built to enhance the connections between people and places… Happy Holidays and safe driving… all the best

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    • nykeypad on

      Thank you for kind words, Alison. I appreciate your reading and sharing your thoughts. Please let me know when/if you come to New York. Happy holidays to you, too. Cheers!

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