No Mitigations in the ’50s and Other Memories

Mansion at Luke Estate looking west/The Virtual Archives

While solidifying plans with a cousin — we’re meeting Tuesday in the city — via email last week, I sent her recent pictures with the bridge in the background.

Her husband’s family had lived for a while in Tarrytown “very near the existing Tappan Zee Bridge when it was being constructed,” he told me. “The dust was endless.”

Across the street from his house was an estate that had deep top soil and a pond with koi, he said. It was bulldozed, and the top soil was used for fill.

He might be referring to the David Luke estate, razed during construction.

The Governor Malcolm Wilson Tappan Zee Bridge opened Dec. 1955/The Virtual Archives

“We got to watch the Fourth of July fireworks across the river in Nyack from the cleared estate while the trains ran along the river like Lionel toy trains,” he recalled.

For a fascinating look at growing up during the bridge construction, read about memories shared during a high school reunion in Tarrytown three years ago.

I’d like to know what you think.

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