Tappan Zee Materials will help create Reefs

Figured you wanted to see ano TZB photo albeit one not reef-bound/ © J Rosman 2014

Although it began 25 years ago, New York State’s Artificial Reef Program neither developed nor progressed. Things change this summer, when the Department of Environmental Conservation will oversee the creation of six reefs from Tappan Zee Bridge materials.

Managed by the DEC, the program includes two reefs in the Long Island Sound, two in the Great South Bay, and eight artificial reefs in the Atlantic Ocean.

Next month, the state will begin deploying 33 barges of recycled bridge materials and 30 contaminant-free vessels — cleared by the DEC and the U.S. Coast Guard — that will colonize and attract fish.

In addition to its 133 deck panels and two moveable barrier machines, more of the bridge will have an afterlife in the Smithtown Reef, Shinnecock Reef, Moriches Reef, Fire Island Reef, Hempstead Reef and Rockaway Reef. For details, click here.

More than 43,000 cubic yards of clean, recycled bridge material, 338 cubic yards of steel pipe from the Department of Transportation and 5,900 cubic yards of jetty rock will help build those six artificial reefs now through August. “We are stewards for a brief period of time on this earth then we hand it off to the next generation. And our responsibility is to hand if off better and we will,” Governor Andrew Cuomo said.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2018

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