Be Careful: Trucks use Westbound Span Left Lanes

Yesterday was another day: went to run an errand in the afternoon and got stuck in early accumulating traffic. As traffic was shifted so crews could work on the path, the westbound span’s middle lanes became the two left lanes that trucks and trailers are supposed to avoid.

For this reason, I was surprised to see an 18-wheeler with Florida license plates to my right (I was in the far left lane) and even more surprised when I noticed the left signal blinking. The driver cut in front of me, and luckily I was going slower than the span’s speed limit. You can see how close the truck was as he began to move in front of my car — I have a 1998 Honda Civic LX sedan and not one of the newer cars with smaller hoods — without checking to see if he had enough room.

Turns out there was a two-car accident ahead in his lane. I moved two lanes to the right and was by now in the second-from-right lane. I passed the scene of the accident — looked like one car rear-ended another — and watched in horror as man from one of the cars took pictures with his cell phone. Worse yet, a little girl was also outside the cars. WHAT?

Further west was a stalled car in the far right lane that added to the accumulating traffic.

Because I don’t have a hands-free device I waited until I reached Exit 10 to call 911 and told the dispatcher I was in South Nyack and passed an accident on the westbound span of the new bridge. I didn’t say it; the dispatcher did. “Oh, the Tappan Zee?”

I also told the dispatcher a man got out of the car to take pictures and added, “He shouldn’t do that.” I hope no one was hurt. The span is temporarily similar to the old bridge: no shoulders in case of an accident and for disabled vehicles.

Be careful and stay safe.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2018

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