She Did It! Mom’s first Car Trip and into Nyack

It’s been more than two years since mom drove across the Hudson River. Her wonderful aide helped get her into my car where, cushioned by pillows, she took in the sights and the new bridge.

First impressions included: “The lanes are very wide,” “What is that?” (pointing to where the path is being built), “Why did they change the name?” (seeing the new signs), “He was a good governor (referencing the late Mario Cuomo).

We were disappointed to find the road leading to Memorial Park and the viewing area was closed. Several people suggested alternatives for next time as the village closes the road when the parking lot is full. That’s ridiculous.

This bars everyone whose vehicle has a handicapped parking sticker or tag and who isn’t ambulatory. We’ve been there years ago when the lot was crowded, and people were considerate; no one’s car blocked anyone.

I drove around Nyack and found a great view of the bridge for mom and her aide, then found a parking spot offering some shade and bought us ice cream. It was a day out for mom as until now she’d been transported by ambulette, and she didn’t stop smiling. My heart is happy, and I’m grateful to her aide for making it possible.

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2019

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