Driving Again: Reconfigured Exit, Same Traffic

New bridge hasn’t resolved corridor traffic, this 287 near Tarrytown/ © J Rosman 2019

Friday afternoon, freed two days earlier from the hand and arm half-cast I’d worn for the past four-and-one-half weeks, I drove to South Nyack, then to Nyack and took South Broadway back to the bridge. It’s different.

Why not ticket all trucks for driving in new bridge’s two left lanes?/ © J Rosman 2019

What hasn’t changed are trucks in the two left lanes and corridor traffic at certain times of day. The Thruway Authority needs to post signs at the entrance ramps and not only on the overhead gantries as truck drivers probably pay no notice. No trucks or trailers in the two left lanes. Ticket them if they drive there.

It takes longer to arrive at the same street using the new Exit 10/ © J Rosman 2019

Once drivers complete the Exit 10 loop-de-loop and make the turns, they arrive at the same place: Clinton Avenue. I couldn’t tell if the driver facing me has a STOP sign to her left so I stopped before bearing left; she waved me on.

Next time I’ll take S. Franklin Avenue instead of South Broadway/ © J Rosman 2019

The new Exit 10 to South Nyack and back to the Thruway takes longer, and while there is a new southbound Thruway entrance from 9W, it’s indirectly direct. My luck I had a red light at some intersections so I could check the signs posted.

Thruway sign leads drivers to same loop-de-loop as before changes/ © J Rosman 2019

The above photo shows the entrance to Thruway from 9W; however, it leads drivers to the same circle as before the exit was reconfigured and was what the village wanted. Wonder how many of the drivers below will be using Exit 10?

Drivers on 287 westbound have a long wait (ahead, Exit 3 to Sprain)/ © J Rosman 2019

I’d like to know what you think.

Copyright © Janie Rosman and Kaleidoscope Eyes 2019

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