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New Ride on Eastbound Span; SUP is Underway

Nice, roomy ride back to Westchester this afternoon that gave me a much closer look at what little remains of the Tappan Zee Bridge. I was in the right lane as cars whizzed by me.

It looks close for 160 feet apart; however, it’s an optical illusion from the driver’s seat. This is a better view of the old bridge than from the westbound span.

En route to Rockland, I wanted to see where the shared use path left the bridge. It was difficult to tell so I found where the path separated from the Thruway.

The newest span is open, it’s a smooth ride that offers a better view of what’s doing on the east side of the old bridge. Don’t forget to check the great view of the Hudson Valley heading westbound.

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Two Days Later: is the TZB Section Any Safer?

Remaining Tappan Zee Bridge still a safety concern/EarthCam® construction camera

While there remains a possibility of the old bridge east anchor span failing, in the event it does, it will fall within a safety zone that does not affect vessel traffic or the structural integrity of the new eastbound bridge.

So a few questions: which way would that section fall? Would it fall sideways to the south? Does last week’s discovery mean crews will expedite their dismantling process? How would the falling piece(s) affect the Westchester and Rockland shorelines?

These are some of the questions I asked Sunday night and was told yesterday there’s no further information at this time.

The eastbound span will open tonight, the second night of Rosh Hashanah and the solemn day of September 11. Perhaps more people will be on the road tonight returning home from dinners and services. Why not wait until Friday: it’s good for traffic volume, as project director Jamey Barbas, P.E., said during Sunday’s conference call.

Maybe tonight because the New York State gubernatorial primary is Thursday.

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Eastbound Span Ceremony, Lane Shift Delayed

The eastbound span of the new bridge was supposed to have opened overnight; however, according to media reports, state police confirmed the lane switch would not take place and gave no reason.

Remaining Tappan Zee Bridge is now safety concern/EarthCam® construction camera

What remains of the Tappan Zee Bridge — two pieces of the main span — is said to be unstable, and there’s fear it might collapse. Boats are prohibited from traveling through the main span channel.

Hang tight, folks. Safety first.

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Eastbound Span fully open by Saturday Morning

Photo of new eastbound span/Mike Groll at the Office of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

The new eastbound span opens Friday night during the first of two traffic shifts, weather permitting (Shift 1). If you’re Westchester-bound, then plan for lane closures and brief traffic stops so workers can reconfigure the landings and stripe the lanes at both ends of the new span. This doesn’t affect westbound traffic.

There will be two traffic stops of up to 20 minutes on Westchester-bound lanes near Exit 10 in South Nyack for the Thruway Authority and crews to stage operations, stripe lanes and shift barriers and equipment. All four lanes will be open by 7 a.m. Saturday.

In coming weeks, Rockland-bound traffic will shift to the inner four lanes of the westbound lane (Shift 2) so the shared use path and overlooks can be built.

No, you cannot walk across the bridge yet, and yes, it’s an active construction site. For complete details, see here.

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Eastbound Span opens this Saturday: Lower Hudson Transit Link Routes begin October 29

GPI crew mugs for the Thruway Authority’s camera during tour of new eastbound span

Four lanes of eastbound-bound traffic will move onto the new eastbound span Friday overnight. Crews have been dismantling the Tappan Zee Bridge since it was retired last October and building the second span while the westbound span accommodated two-way traffic.

Before the end of October, the Lower Hudson Transit Link will begin commuter bus service between Rockland and Westchester counties.

Its four new bus lines between Suffern and White Plains, some with overlapping stops, include Suffern to the Palisades Center, Monsey to White Plains, and two routes from the West Nyack mall: one to the Tarrytown train station and the other to White Plains with a stop at the train station.

Transit signal priority that keep lights green when buses approach an intersection is one of several Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) improvements provided by LHTL. The system replaces the current Tappan ZEExpress lines Suffern to White Plains and Spring Valley to Tarrytown (via Nyack).

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