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Blue Sky and Fresh Air: antidotes for Loneliness

Nearly two weeks since I last posted and less time since I checked progress on the project. The new building for Troop T has state police cars parked in front while work on the administrative building and landing areas continue.

Yesterday was eight years since my first bridge meeting in Tarrytown. A recent bout of cabin fever was temporarily thwarted by writing some personal thoughts.

I’ve shared about mom and how she was looking forward to her first car trip after more than two years, and how it would be across the new bridge to Memorial Park. Last June we drove to Nyack and stopped for ice cream.

As the northern span’s side path is 3.6 miles landing to landing, whenever I’m driving I check the odometer to get an idea how far 3.6 miles is from where I start. I’d like to see the overlooks, and after resuming walking (warmer weather) realize I can walk half the bridge at a time.

Yesterday I drove to Memorial Park to hear the river. It was as quiet as life seems to be now save for music coming from a car and two noisy birds that circled round, appearing to pause so I could take their photos before gliding toward the water.

Parked next to me was an enlisted man who had a miniature bear doll dressed in fatigues on his car’s back window. That got my attention as dad was in World War II so I started talking to him from a distance. We talked about this and how it’s become our unsettling new normal.

The drive home was as eerie as the drive there with cars on the mostly-empty highway and bridge passing me. Stopped at a red light on Route 119 in White Plains, I looked into my rear view mirror and saw four 20-somethings (or younger) in a small car behind me. Social distancing they were not.

I covered my nose and mouth with a scarf and wore surgical gloves I’d bought to use when caring for mom. I kept my distance from people at the park and thought about the beautiful, crisp day and blue sky that were the opposites of this sudden, underlying unknown.

Mom is safe at home with two terrific aides who wash their hands at least 20 times daily and wear gloves while tending to her. Governor Cuomo said masks should be worn around the elderly and vulnerable yet where to find them?

These are scary times. Stay safe.

I’d like to know what you think.

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Personal: Slowing Down and Catching Up

It was a long time coming: arthroscopic surgery to my right hand yesterday. My new friend is a left-handed scissors, which I happened upon in a stationery store. Marketed as a child’s scissors for either hand, it was a bargain and small so as not to be cumbersome. I’m left-handed yet my right hand is dominant.

EarthCam® images showed a gorgeous sunset Sunday night, a pretty end to a fun afternoon with mom, my brother and my niece. It was grandparents’ day at the nursing home, where mom is temporarily while I recuperate.

This blog has been inconsistent of late, I admit; changing the bridge’s incorrect signage and construction of the side path, state police barracks and visitors center/maintenance facility continue. Now I’ve time to catch up with writing and look forward to a road trip in the new car come November.

I’d like to know what you think.

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New Car, New State License Plate and New Fee

Nine years with the same license plate means next year I’ll either get the state’s new design or choose a specialty plate. The new bridge was one of the design choices in last month’s statewide contest and was not chosen; then again, some people would have preferred this:

Still shiny with no peeling paint, my plates were transferred to the 2017 certified preowned car I bought last week. There has never been a time when the Thruway Authority hasn’t changed me, even when my E-ZPass® tag wasn’t mounted on the car’s windshield.

Because I was on a “car diet” for the past few weeks I didn’t drive further than the next dealership to check preowned cars. Running against time as my Honda’s engine was fading, I kept the daily mileage to a limit and drove about five or six models, some a few times, to be sure I liked or disliked them.

“The driver in me honors and respects the driver in you.” Courtesy recycledartco

I enjoyed a comfortable and safe ride with the 1998 Honda Civic LX sedan for 21 years and 162,000 miles. Now to break in the new car with a road trip!

I’d like to know what you think.

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July 4th Reminiscing: Broadway Shows and 1776

Annual fireworks over NYC's East Village, sponsored by Macy's/Credit: David Shankbone

Annual fireworks over NYC’s East Village, sponsored by Macy’s/Credit: David Shankbone

Dad loved Broadway shows and took mom to the The Great White Way at least twice a month. When my little brother and I were old enough, they took us to see Annie, Pippin, Chicago, Cabaret, Camelot, Little Shop of Horrors, Sweeney Todd, Gemini, among others.

1 of 3 covers - May 1971/ Playbill Vault

1 of 3 covers – May 1971/ Playbill Vault

One show I found very entertaining, and remember to this day, was 1776, which opened on March 16, 1969. And my favorite song from that show, one that always makes me smile because of its catchy tune, is this:

If you plan being on the river, then be aware of the new boater safety rules.

Detailed information — including the Coast Guard’s weekly Local Notice to Mariners, excerpted and in its entirety — is also listed on the project website. A LNM primer is here.

Happy 4th of July. Stay safe and have fun!

I’d like to know what you think.

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She Did It! Mom’s first Car Trip and into Nyack

It’s been more than two years since mom drove across the Hudson River. Her wonderful aide helped get her into my car where, cushioned by pillows, she took in the sights and the new bridge.

First impressions included: “The lanes are very wide,” “What is that?” (pointing to where the path is being built), “Why did they change the name?” (seeing the new signs), “He was a good governor (referencing the late Mario Cuomo).

We were disappointed to find the road leading to Memorial Park and the viewing area was closed. Several people suggested alternatives for next time as the village closes the road when the parking lot is full. That’s ridiculous.

This bars everyone whose vehicle has a handicapped parking sticker or tag and who isn’t ambulatory. We’ve been there years ago when the lot was crowded, and people were considerate; no one’s car blocked anyone.

I drove around Nyack and found a great view of the bridge for mom and her aide, then found a parking spot offering some shade and bought us ice cream. It was a day out for mom as until now she’d been transported by ambulette, and she didn’t stop smiling. My heart is happy, and I’m grateful to her aide for making it possible.

I’d like to know what you think.

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