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One Sunny Morning on I-287

Shortly before 8 a.m. today, I drove to White Plains from Tarrytown (entered I-87 from Broadway). Three exits into I-287, I was forced to reduce my 60 mph speed to 45 mph.

Morning traffic, I thought, par for the course. However if I was in a hurry or was on a commuter bus bound for White Plains Train Station, I’d be more than annoyed, especially since I had to fully brake many times due to congestion.

And I’d wonder if a logjam would greet me at the foot of Exit 5.

Now, I’m one motorist driving on a midsummer morning in clear weather, when the roads might be less crowded (people on vacation). Factor in rain, snow, sleet, fog — and other conditions that might necessitate reduced speeds — and the ride from Tarrytown would take longer.

This doesn’t take into account the time needed to travel via Route 119 to the County Center’s parking lot.

I suggest that the team proposing this option — whereby commuters bypass Tarrytown Train Station as part of a revamped plan — to the Mass Transit Task Force test-drive it (pardon the pun) and see for themselves.

I’d like to know what you think.

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