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Bridge Lights captured against Darkened Sky

Like candles glowing in the night, belying the freezing cold temperatures, the new bridge’s main span towers were alight in blue as its piers below supporting structural steel, road deck and traffic changed rhythmically from blue to red and back, seen in this video by Flying Films NY co-founder and pilot Vinny Garrison.

“I have been in business for four years, back when drones were only things that flew around and shot missiles at people,” Garrison said. “I have enjoyed filming the construction of the new bridge and deconstruction of the old bridge and look forward to having an all-inclusive video from start to finish.”

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E’bound Main Span Steel, all Stay Cables in Place

Earlier this week, crews set the last section of main span steel on the eastbound span. Photos courtesy of New York State Thruway Authority.

You want numbers? Here they are:

The section was 24 feet long, adding to the more than 74 million pounds of all-American-made steel and concrete across the 2,230-foot cable-stayed part of the bridge. In case you were wondering, all 192 stay cables are now installed.

One more month, and bye-bye Tappan Zee Bridge drive. Eastbound traffic joins westbound traffic on the newly-opened span so the TZB’s landings can be demolished, and the eastbound span can be connected . . . because car-jumping from approach span to land is prohibited.

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Final E’Bound Main Span Steel add is Next Week

The final section of steel for the eastbound main span (above photo, courtesy of New York State Thruway Authority) was to have been added yesterday; however, nature said otherwise, and plans were moved to next week. Earlier this month, crews installed that bridge’s next-to-last section of main span structural steel.

Close-up of the eastbound span and its blue steel girders was taken by yours truly last month during the westbound span’s opening ceremony. View from that span.

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Trespassers: Stupid, Brash, Lucky and Arrested

So these three kids set out on an adventure . . . they thought. What they did was endanger themselves. Someone said teenagers do stupid things. Not all teens. These kids, yes.

The first span opens in less than two weeks, and we’re all wondering what the new drive will be like. I watched the YouTube video, my hand over my mouth many times as I recognized views, many dangerous, I’d seen in project photos. Photo above courtesy of New York State Thruway Authority.

It made me appreciate all the more the crews who are working on this project.

They were stupid, brash, and lucky none of them slipped, fell or was seriously hurt. At the nursing facility where mom is recuperating from a broken leg, the elevators have alarms to alert the staff when someone who is not supposed to be without an escort tries to get on. It locks, and a member of the staff has to push a code to release the door.

I thought alarms or similar securities monitor the project site. Then again, who thought anyone would trespass and enter this dangerous construction area for a pre-dawn prank?

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Happy Anniversary: Four Years of Blogging

Spring after the project started: “Figure Sitting at RiverWalk Park”/© J. Rosman 2013

Four years ago I began writing this blog about what seemed at the time long-range plans that would “some day” materialize. And now, “some day” is here.

Six hundred ninety-three posts — in addition to countless newspaper and magazine articles — later, I still have mixed feelings about the project. It’s exciting to watch from afar and to cover, and it was an adventure to stand on the new westbound span last December. This area will change forever and will have a safer, more efficient crossing, both badly needed.

Aerial view of new/current spans/(Kevin P. Coughlin/Office of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo)

However, unless the highway on both sides of the river is also revamped, I foresee gridlock as more cars pour off the bridge in both Westchester and Rockland.

I’m still wondering about the shared use path. Without it, the state would have a majestic new bridge minus the added situations the path is creating. Three years ago I wrote that the belevederes, while interesting, gave little thought to practicality or to those who would use the path. Perhaps there’s still time to add shade.

Educational outreach’s fourth year at White Plains Engineering Expo/© Janie Rosman 2017

One official associated with the project joked last year the state could make money by selling soda, iced tea and water at the viewing areas because people may forget to bring hydration. That’s a good idea: remember, you read it here.

The Peregrine falcons are popular, and everyone wants to know where they are. Type “peregrine” into the search box to bring up falcon-related posts. This photo of their nesting box was taken about two years ago, when the bridge was a skeleton in the river.

Secret revealed! When in New York, they live here on the bridge’s northwest side./NYSTA

Less than eight weeks before the Governor Malcolm Wilson Tappan Zee Bridge opened, my parents got married. Directions to Lake Placid — where they honeymooned — from New York and New Jersey begin with “Take the NY State Thruway (I-87) north . . .” The new bridge was to open in two months; the Taconic State Parkway was “it” back then, mom said.

* * * * *

This year part of “some day” comes to fruition: two-way traffic will switch to the new westbound span, and the current bridge will be dismantled so the eastbound span can be completed and connected to the landings. They said everything that’s supposed to be completed by 2018 will be finished. So be it!

I’d like to know what you think.

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