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Road being Readied; Thruway Facility Underway

Start of Thruway Authority facility at the Westchester shared use path landing/NYSTA

Seven days left for motorists to drive westbound on the Tappan Zee Bridge. As crews ready the roadway for the August 25 overnight shift, they will stripe the westbound span’s traffic lanes and landings.

Because you have to watch out for motorists who cross the solid white lines on the current bridge’s approach spans you may have missed seeing progress on the maintenance facility in Tarrytown.

Project officials report crews are installing the exterior (phase three). Phase one was pouring reinforced concrete, and phase two was installing structural steel. The first photo is what it looked like months ago, and the above photo shows a current view looking east. Photo courtesy of New York State Thruway Authority.

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Spring has Sprung: Nyack Buzzing with Activity

It was perfect weather to be outside Sunday, and Memorial Park in Nyack was packed with cars. We sat for a while under a tree — as luck would have it, there was a spot waiting for us — and took in the view.

This after checking out the Nyack Street Fair, always a fun experience.

That day marked five weeks since I was walking down steps and missed the step, falling and injuring my left knee and upper leg. Walking has become easier with cortisone shots, and I’ll be starting physical therapy next week. It was gorgeous outside, and I didn’t want to miss the day.

Birds flying everywhere, crowded viewing area, people enjoying the weather and checking out the bridge and the Spotter’s Guide and happy winter finally left. The giant crane was positioned near the Rockland shoreline, and people were taking pictures with their cell phones.

So when will the westbound span open? The summer before the project began, then state DOT Project Director Michael Anderson said traffic will switch to the new bridge sometime during the fourth year (2017).

Then we heard west/northbound traffic would move to the new span in December 2016, and two months later (February 2017) to move east/southbound traffic as well. Former Executive Director Robert L. Megna decided in early November to postpone the first opening until spring 2017.

Project officials are talking about “sometime this year.” I wonder if there are still built-in contract incentives for finishing the project before spring 2018 or penalties for completing it later? Is the bridge builder still on a 62-month schedule?

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Noise Barrier Installation Continues — & Lights

You know about the hour-long light show under the bridge last month, right?

Above photo of lights courtesy of New York State Thruway Authority.

TZC also connected the Westchester and Rockland approaches to the main span last month. Getting closer! I wonder where they’ll put this happy sign:

Crews continue installing concrete noise barriers chosen way back when along the southbound Thruway and the northbound side (next to the future shared use path) in South Nyack.

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TBT: Still Hooked on Last Week’s Test Lights

in focus

Rumor has it I scooped project officials with my recent post about the new LED lighting system, first mentioned in late December.

So when those LED roadway lighting stanchions (columns) that were attached to the westbound span shone brightly for an hour last week (after dark since it’s easier to see lights after dark), only those who saw it knew.

Watch for news soon. Lights, camera, action! on the new bridge. Choice of colors at the flick of a switch, and (parts of) the river will magically glow.

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ICYMI: Colorful Preview of New Bridge’s Lighting


“TZC will begin preliminary testing of the westbound Rockland approach’s aesthetic lighting in the coming weeks. The preliminary testing will occur during daytime hours.”


The above notice is from the February 16 press release. Thank you to Steve, who contacted me not long ago to say he noticed the colorful lighting tests.


The LED lighting — 2,700 color lights that can be programmed remotely for variable shades and 500 white lights — is from Philips Lighting, the same company that brightens Madison Square Garden.


Philips said the new system, the first of its kind in the industry, will combine roadway and architectural lighting and is estimated to be 75 percent more energy-efficient than traditional lighting.


Photos are courtesy EarthCam® construction camera on the project’s website.


Did you miss seeing them, too? I’d like to know what you think.

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